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TITAN ENGINES FORGED 4.6 - 4.7 JEEP STROKER ENGINE 265 Horsepower 295 ft lbs of Torque

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TITAN ENGINES FORGED 4.6 - 4.7 JEEP STROKER ENGINE 265 Horsepower 295 ft lbs of Torque


Product Description

Titan Engines Jeep Stroker - The most effective modification that you can do in terms of increasing drive-ability in a modified Jeep. Titan Engines has been researching and developing Jeep Stroker engine builds for almost a decade. In addition Titan Engines worked on developing Pistons with Keith Black and Cams and valve train components with Crane and Elgin Industries.

We pride ourselves on customer service if you buy an engine from Titan Engines you can always count on being able to call any time. We will always be glad to help you with advice on the proper way to break in your engine or help you get it in tune.Our engines are sold exchange, the core must be in rebuildable condition for the core charge return the core charge on this engine is $350.00 (If engine is being shipped please select core charge).

Titan 4.6 / 4.7 Jeep Forged Long Rod Stroker Build Sheet

Sonic Tested Jeep 4.0 Engine Block

Scat Jeep Stroker Crankshaft

Reconditioned 6.125 Jeep Connecting Rods

Keith Black KB 944 Dish Forged Pistons

Hastings Moly Rings

King Quality Cam, Rod and Main Bearings

Comp 68-232-4 .460/.476 Lift Camshaft

New Cam Button and Bolt Assembly

New Performance Valve Lifters

New Performance Titan Engine 3/8 push Rods

New Rocker Arms, Pivots and Bridges

Multilayer Steel .043 thick Head Gasket

1.94/1.50 Stainless Swirl Polished Valves

Titan Engines Performance Valve Springs and Titan Engines Performance Retainers

New Titan Engines Performance Cylinder Head Machined to accept our Updated Performance Valves and Springs

Mellings Single True Roller Timing Set

Mellings HV Oil Pump

Full Gasket Set and Brass Freeze Plugs