About Us

When it comes to auto parts, there are many companies out in the marketplace. Companies sell on eBay, Amazon, Jet and a variety of others – just as we do. So, we are often asked how we are different from those other companies?  What truly sets us apart from our competition?  I believe most businesses are personalities of the people that maintain the business, and the partners involved in the business.  To fully explain how we are different, I need to explain a bit about our history, how we began and how we have evolved.


The company started in 1947 in Miami. My father had a vision of warehousing auto parts in Miami. After the war the parts chain was a dysfunctional process. The dealer or garage had to order parts from the local parts store, and what was not in inventory had to come from the manufacturer.   This sometimes took weeks for the parts store or filling station (remember those?) to receive parts needed for repair.

The Beginning

John (my father) rented a large building and started making contact with the manufacturers in the industry. He had relationships with most of the companies through his previous job as ambassador of purchasing in Cuba. Most of the manufactures liked the idea, and started sending orders to the company, then known as, Motor Parts and Bearings. His first lines were AC/Delco. TRW (Thompson/Toledo) Grey Roc Brake Shoes, EIS Brake Parts, and Walker Exhaust.
These were the main lines. He hired is two brothers as salesmen and went to work selling the product he warehoused. This was the first automotive warehouse in Miami, Florida. The company grew as the customers started enjoying same day delivery of the repair parts needed.
They also saw a need for automotive machine work, so John purchased a small machine shop and started selling shop services as well. The company took care of most of the ground fleet for Miami International Airport in the supply of engines.
In the late sixties the company purchased a piece of property and started building a larger facility with the shop in-house. John continued to purchase shop equipment, being the first to have a crankshaft grinder in Miami, as well as many other then-modern day machines.


The company grew, and prospered.
I had started showing horses in the late sixties, and moved to Ocala to go to prep school in the mid-seventies. The family loved the Ocala area and purchased a farm. John semi retired and started raising cattle. Upon finishing prep school, I went to University of Florida where I studied business and accounting. My desire was not in the automotive industry. When I graduated I planned  to take a job in Chicago, leaving the family business.

A Change in the Industry

My father urged me to take another look at the automotive industry. What I saw was a tired and dated industry in need of an update.
I gave my father a business plan which included branch stores, computer controlled inventory, delivery service, display area in the store, and catering to the DIY trade. This was unheard of in the industry.
He agreed and we changed my destiny. We opened the first store in Ocala, which featured self service showroom and parts that were on display. We were open 7 days a week, which was also unheard of at that time. The store prospered and we opened two more in the area. They were a success as well. We purchased a competitor and added 3 more stores. We also added an automotive machine shop.  This was all before we had big box stores, such as Autozone, and such.
We kept growing, and were approached by Carquest about purchasing our company. We negotiated for a year and sold the company to Carquest, but kept the original machine shop and store.
We remodeled and updated the shop and started producing engines for the United States Postal Service.  As we grew, we started producing for other large companies as well. We could see the complexion of the industry changing rapidly  and going more to an eCommerce platform. The internet was taking hold and looked like that was the future.  We hired IT people and started selling on eBay, we grew 20 listings to 107K listings.

Our Difference – Our People

This brings us to what makes us different.

We are different because of our experience, our people and our knowledge of the industry. We are proud of what we do and we are focused on customer service. We realize that our customers are partners in our business, and we want to keep a good partnership with our customers.
We live in an “I want it now” society, without concern of how that is achieved.   At Titan we desire to have customers who understand that pride and quality is a process which is only achieved through quality people. We respect every person that takes a paycheck from Titan, from myself down. We all work together for the same goal. We are committed to provide quality products with pride and commitment.
Unlike other companies that market to get to you quicker, we take the time to focus on what the customer really needs to complete his project, and what we can do to help him do it correctly. This is why we answer our phones personally instead of routing the call elsewhere.  This is why we take time to talk to our customers.  We are truly old school in a modern world.
I truly believe it’s our people and our beliefs that set us apart from others in our business. 
We thank you for visiting and for being our customer. If you have never worked with us before, we appreciate your time and look forward to a new business relationship with you.
Titan Engines