Jeep 4.0 Stroker Rotating Assembly 4.2 Crank with King Bearings

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120.00 LBS
$75.00 (Fixed Shipping Cost)


This Jeep Stroker rotating assembly kit will contain:
Titan Stroker 258 Crankshaft. This crank has been specifically remanufactured by skilled machinists at Titan Engines.

Keith Black Hypereutectic Pistons. These are Keith Blacks newest addition to the stroker project. They will use the 4.0 rods and will give you 8.5 CR. This seems to be a great combination for the street enthusiast. We have all struggled with the higher compression the IC944 and the IC945 gave us for using pump gas and the daily use Jeep.

The crank is fitted with a set of King Bearings.

The rods are a set of stock 4.0 rods that have been shot peened.

Hastings rings will complement the Keith Black pistons. We are actually adding these in the kit price at no cost to you.

We are very pleased to present this economical kit for your consideration.
The parts are all high quality.
This is an improved combination. The piston design promotes better combustion, and detours detonation. The have a uniform bowl, instead of the half dish the stock configuration. Keith Black as preformed a lot of R and D on this design, and believes it will serve the Jeep enthusiast to the fullest expectations desired.
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