455 Buick 1972-1976
This hard to find, completely remanufactured engine is a great replacement for your Buick project, jetpack, airboat, or for anything else that you need cubic inches for.
The engines block casting # is 241735

The block has been:
Thermal cleaned and stainless steel shot blasted
Mag tested for cracks
Decked (using a CBN Surface Machine) for a square and perfect match for the cylinder head
Re-cleaned using an anti rust solvent and painted

All cylinders bored using a CNC Rottler and honed to size using a Sunned CV
All connecting rods resized and blue printed
Crankshafts have been machined using a Berco Grinder
Crankshaft is shot blasted and checked for straightness and cracks

New cam bearings and freeze plugs are installed
Small parts are glass blasted and cleaned using an anti-rust solvent.
Valves are machined using Rottler Equipment
Guides and seats are checked and replaced if needed

The cylinder head casting # is 1241860.
The cylinder heads are completely remanufactured including thermal cleaning, 5 angle valve job, CBN surfacing, seats machined on a Serdi machine for perfect seat geometry. The valves are checked and machined on a centerless grinder. New valves stem seals. All heads are vacuum checked before assembly.

The engine is run on a SIMS to assure perfect oil pressure, compression, leak down, amp draw, and oil flow.

WARRANTY IS 3 YEAR UNLIMITED MILEAGE. Please contact us for restrictions and for detailed warranty information.

THE CORE CHARGE IS $510. You will be invoiced separately for this charge. Your engine will not ship until the core charge is paid.

At Titan Engines, we treat every engine with pride. We understand you want as few issues as possible upon installation. We try to safeguard what we can on our end so you will not have to worry about your purchase.
Please contact us for any questions 8-5 Eastern Time 8884778006

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