Jeep 4.0 New Stroker Performance Cylinder Head 0331 7130 0630


Jeep 4.0 New Stroker Performance Cylinder Head 0331 7130 0630

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We are selling Brand New Jeep Cylinder Heads. They will replace your cracked 331 7120 630 casting. These are bad about cracking and if you buy a remanufactured head you may encounter the same problem again.
We are offering a new and improved casting. We purchase these castings and then we re-machine the heads to achieve the best possible Jeep head for the money.
First we take the bare casting and cut the intake and exhaust valve ports to accept the Chevrolet 1.94 intake valve and the 1.5 exhaust valve. The seats are given a 3 angle cut for maximum sealing capabilities. We bore the guide from 8mm to the 11/32 needed for the stainless steel valves. We then CBN surface the head to assure a perfect mating surface for the MLS gasket. The head is then cleaned and ready for assembly.

The parts used in this head are as follows:
6- GM 1.94 Stainless Steel Swirl Polished Intake Valve
6- GM 1.50 Stainless Steel Swirl Polished Exhaust Valve
12- Teflon Valve Stem Seals
12-VS943 Performance Valve Spring (seat pressure 107lbs.)
24-PF555HD Performance Hardened Valve Locks
12- GM Performance Valve Retainers.

These heads have been flow tested and flowed Exhaust 146CFM @ .500 Lift and 130CFM @.300 Lift
Intake 214CFM @ .500 Lift and 177CFM@.300 Lift
These test were preformed in the humid Florida air.

You do not have to worry about returning a core because these are new heads, and do not require an exchange, so take your old head to the steel salvage yard and you will probably get around 25.00 for the weight in iron.

We ship these heads UPS, They are heavy.

The listed shipping cost is for the lower 48, call for quotes to all other locations