Ford Truck 4.9 300 Remanufactured Engine Long Block

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350.00 LBS
$285.00 (Fixed Shipping Cost)


Ford Truck 4.9 300  Remanufactured Engine Long Block


Titan Engines are one of the best on the market, and each and everyone go through a process to insure you receive a quality engine for your car, truck or boat.
Please take a minute to read the process in which Titan Engines go through before they are delivered to you:
1. The core engine is taken apart and fully inspected for cracks or holes.
2. The inspected block is then mag tested to be sure the block has not been compromised.
3. The cylinder head(s) are then either mag tested or pressure test to be 100% sure that there are not cracks or defects.
4. All blocks and heads are then put through a hi-tech cleaning process to remove old baked on oil, carbon, and dirt. All small parts are cleaned in an ultra-sonic cleaner.
5. All blocks are bored, honed and decked.

6. All crankshafts are ground.

7. All rods are either re-conditioned or replaced.
8.All cylinder heads have had a 3 angle valve job and been surfaced. In most case seats have been cut, new guides and valves have been installed.

9. New cam bearings are installed in the block
10. Cam shafts are replaced.
11. After the block, crankshaft, rods, and cylinder heads are finished being machined the components are taken to assembly.
12. In assembly every Titan Engine gets new pistons, and rings. They also have new lifters, rod bearings, main bearing, freeze plugs and new timing components installed. New gaskets are used to attach the cylinder heads.
13. After final assembly the Titan Engine is placed on a Sems tester where the oil pressure and compression is checked.  This also enables Titan to make sure your new Titan Engine will not have any valve or lifter noise.

14. Titan thoroughly wraps the remanufactured engine and places an engine bag over the engine to insure no dust or dirt will settle on any part of the newly finished engine.

All Titan Engine long blocks come with a new oil pump and the balance of gaskets.

Titan Engines come with a 3 year/36,000 mile warranty.
Please feel free to call us with any questions you may have.
We are available Monday-Friday 8:15 AM through 4:45 PM Eastern.
The toll free number is

All Titan Engines are sold as exchange. There will be a core charge of $350.00        
Re-buildable cores must be returned no later than 30 days after purchase of your Titan Engine remanufactured engine in order to obtain your core deposit back. Please do not send a core back that has visible damage to it. Please call Titan at to let them know your core is not re-buildable. This will save you money due to the fact shipping prices are increasing daily.

Titan Engines can be shipped Worldwide with the buyer paying all shipping fees. The shipping price will NOT contain any charges your counties’ Customs Department will charge for importing items into your country.



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