Titan Engines offers the following limited warranty on all engines that it sells or manufactures.  This is the only warranty provided by Titan Engines. There are no other warranties express or implied, AND NO WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR PARTICULAR PURPOSE which warranties are specifically denied.  The only warranties, guaranties or representations for which TITAN ENGINES is liable are included in this limited warranty unless required by law.  

TITAN ENGINES will warrant against all defects or failures in manufacturing and internal lubricated parts included in the purchased long block as follows:
*36 Months and unlimited miles if installed in private passenger cars and light duty trucks.
*18 Months and unlimited miles if installed in commercial vehicles or purchased for marine use.
*12 months and unlimited miles if the product is a HO, High performance, or Stroker Engine.

No Warranties of any nature are provided for Street Strip, Racing series and short blocks due to the nature of their intended use.  

Covered Components: The following components are covered in gasoline or diesel engines: pistons, piston pins, piston rings, crankshaft, and main bearings, connecting rods and rod bearings, camshaft bearings, intake and exhaust valves, valve springs, oil pump, push rods, rocker arms and rocker arm shafts.  
Block and Heads: the engine block and cylinder heads are covered only if damaged by Covered Components.  Cracks are not covered under this warranty.  
Seals & Gaskets: Seals and Gaskets are replaced only incident to repair or replacement of covered components.  Leaking gaskets or seals are not covered, repaired, or replaced.
Labor: Labor incurred by TITAN ENGINES only for covered repairs will be paid one time only with the maximum payout of $400.00
Core: Core returns must be complete and with core tag to ensure proper credit and must be returned within 30 days from the date of sale.  If extra time is needed, please call us for an extension.  
Replacement parts in case of a defect or failure of our engine, our obligation is limited to repairing or replacing damaged, defective, or broken Covered Components as set the engine or to replace Covered Components.  Replacement of any parts or engine will be done only once under this Warranty and then it shall be considered void, and the obligations of TITAN ENGINES shall be deemed fully satisfied.  

If you have a defect or failure with your engine within the prescribed period contact TITAN ENGINES with an explanation of the problem, you are having.  You will be given a return authorization.  You will be responsible for having the engine ready for pick up.  This means that the engine will be strapped safely to a pallet, and you will provide us with an email address to send you shipping documents.  At this time, we will pay the freight for pickup.  
Upon receipt by TITAN ENGINES the engine will be disassembled and appraised.  We will determine the reason for the defect or failure.
If the defect or failure is related to workmanship or failure of Covered Components that comprise the engine that is has delivered.  No other parts that are installed in or on or are otherwise a part of your vehicle are covered by this Warranty nor are they the responsibility of TITAN ENGINES.  

The Following problems, events and conditions are excluded from and will NOT be covered by this warranty and are NOT the responsibility of TITAN ENGINES nor shall TITAN ENGINES have any obligation to provide payment, refunds or other compensation for defects or failures caused in whole or in part by these exclusions:
-Defects or failures caused by overheating (heat tab bilging or melting).
-Defects or failures caused by lack of lubrication (running out of oil and coolant).
-Camshaft lobe or lifter wear on flat lifters.
-Detonation of a piston – burned pistons or holes in pistons.
-Defects or failures caused by dirt found in assembly.
-Damaged or leaking gaskets, seals, or fittings.
-Defects or failures caused by lack of proper break-in procedures and break-in oil.
-Defects or failures caused by storage of engine – Nonuse.
-Any field labor or expenses. This mean we do not pay labor, parts, or costs for your engine to be repaired, worked on, evaluated, or reviewed at another facility.
-Towing, vehicle rental, oil, oil filter, loss of use, loss of time, lost wages, personal damaged, per diem expenses, storage fees, medical expenses, telephone or rental charges, installation or removal of engine, parts purchased from other vendors, damage to the vehicle or any of its component parts, or any other incidental or consequential damages.
-Defects or failures caused by over-revving, accident, abuse, or an operation for which I was not designed.
-Defects or failures caused by alteration of either the drive train or the suspension from the original manufacturers’ specifications.
-Defects or failures caused by dirty or improper installation.
-Overheating or freeze cracks to the block or heads.
-Defects or failures caused by failure to maintain proper coolant, fluid or lubrication levels or contaminated fluids, coolants, or lubricants.
-Defects or failures caused by fire, flood, vandalism, theft, collision, riots, acts of war, or acts of God.
-Defects or failures caused by rust or corrosion.
-Defects or failures caused by competition or racing, usages not approved by the vehicle manufacturer, improper load capacity, or improper towing, misuse, or road conditions.
-Excessive oil consumption and diminished performance.
-Repairs or replacements do not extend or renew this Warranty.
-Vehicle components that require normal manufacturer’s recommended replacement intervals are not covered.
-Cracked heads.
-Labor, in excess of $400.00
If the defect or failure is the result of any issue listed under Exclusions this Warranty is invalid and TITAN ENGINES is free from any claims, demands, judgements, costs, fees, or expenses incurred by you that are in any way associated with or caused by or excluded from coverage by the Exclusions.  In such event, after review of the engine TITAN ENGINES will notify you of its findings and the cost to repair, freight, and labor all of which will be your responsibility. If you decide the offer to have TITAN ENGINES repair or rebuild the engine or otherwise refuse to pay the costs associated with such repair or rebuilding, then all parts will be returned to you and the obligations of TITAN ENGINES under this Warranty shall be deemed fully satisfied.  

The Transfer of this warranty will be allowed only if the TITAN engine is purchased by an automotive business for one Direct sale to a customer of the purchaser, otherwise this warranty if not assignable or transferable to anyone other than the original purchaser.  

In the event of a claim, TITAN ENGINES reserves the right to terminate the benefits of this Warranty upon the discovery of fraud or misrepresentation of a material fact or use of the vehicle in the commission of a crime by the Purchaser or the Purchaser’s representative. Evidence of fraud or misrepresentation is forwarded to the proper authorities.  

All claims or disputes relating to this Product Warranty Agreement, or the breach thereof shall be decided by binding arbitration unless we both agree otherwise.  Arbitration shall be specifically enforceable under the prevailing arbitration must be filed with us no later than 1 month after the claim or dispute arises.  The award rendered by the arbitrator shall be final and judgement may be entered upon it in accordance with applicable law in any court having jurisdiction.  The costs of arbitration will be paid equally by each party.  Any other costs will be paid by you. If you have any legal claim against TITAN ENGINES, and arbitration is rejected by TITAN ENGINES, you agree that any action, claim or suit shall only be brought in the state courts in Marion County, Florida.  If you bring any such action, claim or suit against us in any court or forum other than in Marion County Florida, we can seek dismissal of you action, Claim, or suit and require that it be maintained in Marion County, Florida.

This Agreement is a product warranty and is not insurance and is not subject to sate insurance laws.  

This warranty is the only warranty that is offered by TITAN ENGINES and sets forth the sole obligation of TITAN ENGINES to you or regarding your engine.  You hereby waive and relinquish any other rights to pursue any other remedies whether at law or in equity.  You agree that this Warranty is you only remedy for any defects or failures.  You agree that the purchase of the engine, the mutual promises and covenants herein contained, and the $10.00 warranty discount provided to you are good and valuable consideration for the limitations set forth in this Warranty.